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The Nivora Group

  • Our goal

    We preserve a high level of knowledge and employment in the Netherlands

  • Our mission

    We invest the profits in innovative industrial products

  • The result

    Being big is not necessarily better; being good at what we do is what counts

The Nivora Group

The Nivora group is a Dutch industrial enterprise with a specific mission, a long history and a special ownership structure.

The group consists of five leading Dutch brands of metal working machines with a rich history: Darley (1934) and Safan (1960), manufacturers of innovative machines for sheet metal working under the new brand SafanDarley; Bewo Cutting Systems (1935), manufacturers of industrial sawing machines; STYLE CNC Machines (1991), manufacturers of unique lathes and milling machines; and DYNOBEND (1988), specialized in solutions for precision cold forming of tube. The Nivora group has factories in Lochem, Eijsden, Waalwijk, Bunschoten and Haaksbergen and branches in Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic and Taiwan. The company has more than 350 employees in the Netherlands, which together generate a turnover of more than 65 million Euros.


Nivora holds shares in innovative industrial companies. The company’s objective is sustainable development, and to preserve a high level of industrial knowledge and employment in the Netherlands. The Nivora companies work for clients worldwide, but mainly develop and manufacture in the Netherlands. The continuity of the companies in the Nivora group is paramount in the long term. This is why Nivora implements a conservative and solid financial policy. Nivora endeavours to be a good and socially responsible employer.